Action Required

How will justice and compassion manifest…if not for us?


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2 Corinthians 5:20

We are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us.


When I was in chaplain training there was a particularly difficult situation one night when I was on call.

In the middle of the night the shrill beeping of my pager jolted me awake.

The call was from the infant delivery room where I was told twin babies were being born by Caesarian Section at around 23 weeks gestation.

The babies were very ill and if they were not birthed not only would they die but the mother would die as well.

I was asked to come and baptize the twins.

I couldn’t imagine the horror I was about to walk into.

The tiny little babies would be given comfort care and be held by their mother until they died.

I was amazed at the calm and tranquility in the delivery room as a whole team of doctors and nurses were at work.

I noticed one nurse pass by me with a tear running down from her eye to the mask that covered her nose and mouth.

I carried out my task with the most compassionate presence I could muster.

In reality, I couldn’t muster it.

I could only surrender in an impossible situation and allow a Higher Power to channel through me.

I had never baptized anyone in my life. I had never seen a live birth.

As I returned to my room a couple hours later, it hit me that it was my birthday.

How was I to make sense of any of this?

Sometime later this realization hit me: How would the compassion of Christ be known in that time of great sadness – if not for me, if not for the doctors and nurses present?

Each one of us is an ambassador for Christ, standing in for him on this earthly plain.

Who will be Christ to those we meet, to all of creation, if not us?


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Remember…God loves you!

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