God Is

Rest in the present moment and find peace.


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Psalm 71:3

Be my rock of refuge, my stronghold to give me safety; for you are my rock and fortress.


These words of the psalmist ring true today as the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

It seems like we are under siege.

We obviously need to be concerned and to take necessary precautions.

But we also need to be on guard to catch our minds’ incessant commentaries that can lead us down the path of fear and worry.

In this moment – (and when is it ever not this moment?) – everything is fine.

Even if there is something causing us pain, when we are simply present to the moment…we can deal with it.

The suffering is mostly caused by our minds’ narrative that starts telling us the worst-case scenarios.

They are all fictions.

When we are consciously present to the moment, we are able to experience the Divine Presence.

God is always here…it is we who often aren’t!

Our minds have the habit of mulling over the past or fretting over the future, all the while missing the only thing that is real: the now.

When we are truly present, we feel an underlying sense of peace and safety.

This is the peace beyond understanding that St. Paul spoke of (Philippians 4:7), or as Jesus put it, the peace that the world cannot give (John 14:27).

Peace is always available in this moment of pure beingness.

As God told Moses, “I am who I am”, then told him to tell the Israelites, “I Am has sent me to you” (Exodus 3:14).

Experience the great “I Am” and find refuge.


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Remember: God loves you!

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