Homeward Bound

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“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King


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Psalm 106:14, 21

In the desert they gave in to their cravings, tempted God in the wasteland. They forgot the God who had saved them.


The stories in the bible are the stories of humanity.

We can all relate to the struggles that those people went through.

The Israelites were led by Moses out of bondage in Egypt but when they found themselves lost in the desert, they rebelled.

How could God do this to us!

They forgot how they had credited God with saving them from the Egyptians.

When these new troubles overwhelmed them, they lost faith.

Many times I have done the same thing.

I rejoiced and praised God when I was seemingly saved from an ordeal, only to later find myself in another mess.

When I look back at these events now in retrospect, I see that many times it was I who had wandered off course.

My ego had taken over and I had given in to temptations of one kind or another.

Sometimes it was simply life that handed me a new dilemma.

That’s what life does.

A life situation does not have to be a cause of suffering.

Yes, it can be a challenge.

But it only turns into suffering when we allow our minds to make up a dreadful story about it.

I know this sounds trite, but such situations can be obstacles or opportunities.

God is still with us.

The very name Yahweh connotes our breath.

“Yaaaaahhhhh – wehhhhhh.

The name is spoken every time we inhale and exhale.

God remains our life-giving force, the Love that sustains us, in joys and sorrows.

The only way out of a new challenge is by going through it, not by somehow going around it or retreating.

And what I have found is that this Life-Giving-Force, if we hang in there and trust, will always lead us safely through to new life.



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Remember: God loves you!

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