Silence Speaks

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“Your true home is in the here and now.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


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Psalm 130:6

My soul looks for the Lord more than sentinels for daybreak.


Today’s scripture speaks to us of the importance of being present.

We find such reminders throughout the bible and from Jesus himself.

Remember where Jesus tells the parable about the servants who light their lamps and wait for their master’s return?

The master finds them vigilant on his arrival (Luke 12:35-37).

In today’s psalm, the soul is to be more watchful for God than sentinels for daybreak, sentinels being guards whose job is to stand and keep watch.

The first breakthrough in this regard would be awareness.

How many people are simply caught up in their thoughts all the time and aren’t even aware of it?

They are so identified with their non-stop-thinking-mind that they think they are those thoughts.

Stop for a moment and observe your thoughts.

Who is the observer?

It’s your true self, your soul.

So, allow your thoughts to cease.

Just be present right now.

Isn’t that pleasant?


A meditation practice such as Centering Prayer will be very helpful in bringing this awareness of presence into your everyday life.

St. Paul said in God we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

The Divine Presence is always present.

It’s the great “I Am” (Exodus 3:14).

Spend some time simply being present to your surroundings.

Give yourself a real treat by doing it amidst nature.

I did this recently on a retreat in the middle of acres and acres of farmland where I came upon some cows in a pasture.

In my immersion in the moment, I was blindsided by the Divine Presence in several moments of Transcendent Peace.

I was reminded of Psalm 46: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Be still and know.

Be still.



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