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“Don’t die with your music still in you.” – Wayne Dyer


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Psalm 149:1, 3

Sing to the Lord a new song. Let them praise his name in dance, make music with tambourine and lyre.


Singing to God a new song became very literal to me.

When I was mired in inner turmoil over my career in radio news, knowing that I could not continue rehashing bad news and announcing it each day, I was suddenly inspired to revisit my guitar.

I had stopped playing it, more or less, in my childhood.

I had picked it up a few times since, but by the late 1990s I had really not touched it in ten years.

It was the first Friday of March in 1997 when, in the depths of despair, I suddenly heard the words, “Get your guitar.”

It wasn’t audible, just an inner-voice out-of-nowhere.

Following this, I began a slow process of writing songs.

The new-found-creativity sprung through my long forgotten guitar.

Now I have four albums of original inspirational, spiritual music.

I sing my songs as part of my ministry to the sick, shut-ins, the imprisoned, and to anyone in need of a lift.

What is your song?

It doesn’t have to be literally a song.

What are you being called to create?

God, the Creator of all, is still creating.

We are extensions of God through which God makes music, art, clothing, computer programs, business designs, and creative projects of all sorts and kinds.

God’s creativity leads to the sharing of love, compassion, and goodness.

The world is waiting for your contribution.

You don’t have to wait to be perfect, worthy, or acceptable to anyone.

You are already perfect, worthy, and acceptable in the eyes of God.

So, just do it!

The way Creativity channels through you will make it uniqueuniquely you and uniquely needed!


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Remember: God loves you!

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Child of God, Pastoral Minister, Chaplain, Music Minister, Jail Minister, singer-songwriter, author, activist, former radio news anchor, imperfect follower of Jesus inspired by God's unconditional love, proud uncle... what else is there?
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