The Evolution of Love

“Woven into our lives is the very fire from the stars and genes from the sea creatures, and everyone, utterly everyone, is kin in the radiant tapestry of being.” – Elizabeth Johnson

Photo by Brigitte Werner / ArtTower on Pixabay

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Psalm 96:11-12

Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice; let the sea and what fills it resound; let the plains be joyful and all that is in them. Then let all the trees of the forest rejoice.


If God is love as scripture states then we are all made by the creative energy of Love.

And not just us humans, but everything else!

Everything that is, is part of the isness of all.

Everything is a part of the great “I Am” as God self-identified to Moses.

We all yearn for oneness or wholeness with the Whole, the Source, what we call God.

Love is written in the creative action of all cells.

As theologian and scientist Ilia Delio writes in her book The Unbearable Wholeness of Being:

“Love is the law of evolution written on the human heart. We are created to love and to evolve in love. Unless we wake up to this reality we will continue to devolve and block evolution’s thrust toward more consciousness and being.”

Jesus knew this intimately.

He embodied the Creative-Word, and it was “made flesh and lived among us” as it says in the Gospel of John, chapter one verse 14.

Jesus reached out in love to include all those on the margins.

He restored them to communities and restored the sick to health.

Jesus took part in the evolutionary process of making wholes.

This same Creative Word is becoming flesh in you and me if we cooperate.

It’s also incarnating in all of creation.

There is a joyful noise, a symphony of love, emanating from all that is.

Do you hear it?

Are you listening?

Are you looking?

We are immersed in glory!


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Remember: God loves you!

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