Transformation Required

How is the Spirit asking each of us to change?

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Luke 5:37-38

“No one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins, and it will be spilled, and the skins will be ruined. Rather, new wine must be poured into fresh wineskins.”


Sometimes the old structures need to be revamped.

Jesus is telling us in today’s scripture that sometimes ‘We’ve always done it this way’ just doesn’t work anymore.

When humans discovered that the Earth wasn’t flat and that civilization on planet Earth wasn’t all there was…it required a shift in our whole understanding of life.

It turns out that the observable radius of the entire universe is actually nearly 50 billion light-years. And by the way…each light-year is nearly six-trillion miles.

How’s that for BIG?

The theology that was inspired in human brains that believed the earth was flat…is probably in need of an upgrade.

Just as the field of medicine has evolved…so must all disciplines based on new information.

What is God doing?

And what do we mean when we say that three letter word, G-o-d?

The Spirit is still alive and creating!

There are many new ideas from brilliant minds as science and religion intertwine.

Let us be open to new ways and new structures.

God is so much more than we could ever define…and yet may be as simple and profound as what 1 John 4:8 states: “God is love.”

How is this Love beyond love asking us to grow and to respond in this time…and this place?


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Remember…God loves you!

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