Whole Making

The law of love restores people.

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Luke 6:7

The scribes and the Pharisees watched him closely to see if he would cure on the sabbath so that they might discover a reason to accuse him.


Another lesson from Jesus in today’s scripture as to why sometimes laws must be broken when love demands it.

Here…we see the religious leaders trying to catch Jesus breaking a Sabbath law that prohibited doing any work on that day.

The law was meant to show people the importance of setting aside a day for God alone.

In the midst of them gathered in the synagogue on that Sabbath day…there was a man described as having a “withered hand”.

Jesus saw what the Pharisees were doing…trying to set a trap to see if he would cure the man and break the law.

That’s when Jesus said, “I ask you, is it lawful to do good on the sabbath rather than to do evil, to save life rather than to destroy it? (Luke 6:9)”

Love should always be the main guideline we use to determine our actions.

What would be the action to take for the greatest good?

To black-and-white, either-or thinkers like the Pharisees…this does not compute!

You have to be able to see and think non-dualistically to understand.

You have to be open to “both-and.”

You can both uphold laws and break them when love demands it.

We are called to follow Jesus in being the light of Love when true justice demands compassion.


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Remember…God loves you!

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